Join us to Celebrate the Life of Davis Paul Maclean

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We will gather at our local community hall to celebrate and remember the life of Davis Paul Maclean where snacks and libations will be served.


Important Update

Hello Friends, Family, Loved Ones,

Please read this important update regarding the celebration of life for Davis Maclean on Saturday September 4th.

At the time of Davis’ death, we were unable to proceed with a service or celebration of life due to the risk posed by the coronavirus. At that time our immediate family decided together that we would wait until restrictions were lifted and circumstances around the pandemic had improved.

As spring turned to summer, new daily case counts fell, vaccination rates climbed, and restrictions were eased. After more discussion we identified a date, time, and place to host a celebration of life for Davis believing that it would be reasonably safe to do so at that time.

Unfortunately, between the time when we identified a date, and now, the delta variant has changed the landscape for us and there are likely some real risks associated with gathering at this time.

First and foremost I want to inform everyone that we have decided to proceed with hosting a celebration of life barring any new restrictions being imposed by either the City of Calgary or the Government of Alberta (which we do not anticipate at this time). This was not an easy decision for us as we take your well-being and public health very seriously.

Because of the risks associated with gathering at this time, we believe that a degree of caution is warranted. There will be older folks present at the celebration of life, and many of the attendees will be going home to young children who cannot be vaccinated yet, or immunocompromised family members, and others who may be at elevated risk.

We hope that everyone in attendance at the celebration of life will be fully vaccinated by now, but we also recognize that vaccination is not a silver bullet. That being the case, we are requesting that the following precautions be taken by attendees in order to keep all participants and their loved ones safe:

  • Please do not attend if you have any symptoms consistent with covid-19 (see: symptoms)
  • Please consider wearing a mask to reduce the risk of transmission
  • Please attempt to maintain social distance were possible
  • Please ask for consent before hugging anyone and understand that some people may not be comfortable hugging others at this time
  • Please use the hand sanitizer available at the event frequently
  • Please consider leaving unvaccinated children at home (we are not presently expecting any children with the possible exception of mine and my brother Loren’s)
  • Please avoid car-pooling with any individuals with whom you are not already in close contact with if possible
    • If you do plan to car-pool please consider taking appropriate precautions such as wearing masks and opening windows

While there is nothing we can do to eliminate all risk, as hosts we will be making an effort to mitigate risk to the extent reasonably possible including but not limited to:

  • Providing disposable masks for attendees
  • Ensuring adequate space for social distancing (hall capacity is 133 and we are anticipating under 50 attendees)
  • Posting of signage to remind attendees about social distancing, respiratory hygiene, effective hand washing etc.
  • Selection of snacks that allow for a reduced risk of transmission (no dips, charcuterie boards etc.)
  • Communicating expectations and best practices to attendees ahead of time

In addition to the above, we also ask that everyone in attendance sign a ‘guest book’ with their name and either email or phone number in order to facilitate contact tracing in the event that there is any potential exposure to the coronavirus at the celebration of life.

If you have RSVP’d on behalf of others in your party, please share this communication with them so that they can be fully informed.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Kyle Maclean and the rest of the family


Saturday September 4th, 2021
2pm to 5pm MDT



Highwood Community Hall

16 Harlow Ave NW, Calgary AB T2K 2G1


Please RSVP Below by August 22